Advice before you go walking

Whether you are walking with us or by yourself follow our simple advice

What to wear

It is advisable to wear walking boots or sturdy shoes.

Check the weather forecast before you go. Remember just because it is warm or dry where you live it might be a lot colder or wetter where you are walking.

Food and drink

Don’t forget to pack some water and a snack especially if you are going on a longer walk.


If you have some secateurs, please bring them for trimming any plants blocking the path. Our main aim as a Society is to keep public footpaths protected and well maintained. A little pruning on our walks helps keep the paths walkable.

Maps, navigational equipment and first aid

If you are going on an organised walk our Walk Leader will bring a first aid kit, map and navigational equipment. If you are going on a walk using one of our walking guides don’t forget to take a small first aid kit (hopefully you will never need one). You will also need a map of the area and a compass or navigational aid such as a GPS (and know how to use them).

Important note about postcodes: If you are using a postcode (such as those given on our site) to find a venue, remember that in rural areas these can centre on a point that may be hundreds of yards (even as much as a mile or two) from the actual venue.  Few, if any, commercial car navigation systems accept OS Grid References as an input – although these are quite accurate. Most accept latitude and longitude as an input (if you have this information) but some cheaper ones may not. All accept post codes – but in rural areas, as explained above, these can be very mislaeading. Be careful with post codes.

(The following link helps convert between location, post code, grid ref etc.:-  grid reference finder )

Walking tips

The society aims to abide by the country code and offers recommendations to members on what to do on walks regarding safety etc.  These are summarised in: Walking tips


Dogs are not normally allowed on an organised walk as we often cross farmland.

Footpath problems

If you encounter an obstruction during your walk please make a note of the location and report the problem.

Injuries and loss of property

Please note that the Mid-Cheshire Footpath Society does not accept any responsibility for personal injury or loss of property when attending any of our walks or functions. If it is thought necessary, individuals should make their own insurance arrangements.