Personal Data Held by the Mid-Cheshire Footpath Society

The Society holds the following personal data for each of its members: Name

Postal Address

email address (if provided by the member)

Category of membership (Ordinary, Corporate, Life Member).

The Honorary Secretary of the Society is the person responsible for monitoring and

controlling the Society’s use and storage of personal data and dealing with any breach by the Society in respect of its processing of personal data.

Use of Personal Data and Privacy

The personal data held by the Society is used by it solely for activities concerned with membership of the Society and communication with members about the activities of the Society.

The Society will not disclose personal data to any third party.

Storage of Personal Data

Name, Postal Address, Identification as a Life Member and email address of members are held by the Society’s Membership Secretary. Such personal data is held using a reasonable level of security.

Where a member has provided the Society with an email address, then the member’s Name, email address and Category of Membership is held in the Society’s Gmail account. Such personal data is maintained by the Honorary Secretary of the Society. A small number of members of the Society are authorised to access (but not amend or delete) such personal data.

Rights of members to Verify, Remove or Delete their Personal Data

A member may contact the Society with reference to the personal data held by the Society for him/her by

  • email to the Society’s web site at for the attention of the Honorary Secretary; or
  • post to the Honorary Treasurer at the address provided in the Membership Application Form displayed on the Society’s web

For reasons of efficiency, the Society would prefer to receive any such communication by email.

In the communication, the member should set out details of the request. The Society will use all reasonable endeavours to respond to any such request within 14 days of its receipt.



Deletion of Personal Data by the Society

Lapsed member: The membership year of the Society starts on 1 April. If a member does not renew his (or her) membership of the Society (by payment of the membership renewal fee) by the following March 31, then the Society’s Membership Secretary will, by the end of June of that latter year, advise the Honorary Secretary, in writing, of the names of such lapsed members. The Membership Secretary and the Honorary Secretary will then use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that personal data held for each such lapsed member is deleted by the end of August of that calendar year.

Member Request: The Society will promptly delete personal data for a member on receipt of a request from that member – as provided for above.